Implement Circular Economy

Douwe Jan Joustra

Consultant, trendwatcher and speaker


Circular economy is the new economy based on more natural and intellectual principles. The new economic model helps on a systems level to facilitate changes.

ICE focusses on the essential change towards ‘performance based contracting’ (in variety) in which there is no ownership for the user of a product, the producer keeps ownership and the end user pays a fee for its performance.

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About ICE Amsterdam

Implement Circular Economy (ICE-Amsterdam) is the company owned by Douwe Jan Joustra. Douwe Jan is one of Netherlands leading experts in Circular Economy.

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Learn more about Circular Economy through:

  • online video's
  • free slideshows
  • downloadable publications
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  • To see trends
  • Speaker
  • Analysis
  • Facilitate learning
  • Program management
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What others are saying ...

Very strong in networking, a nose for new trends, not only guiding vision of sustainable development and analyzing, but also doing.
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In addition, a pleasant personality and knowledge of processes. I met Douwe Jan in recent years in our cooperation at both the NIDO as NL Agency. Some people you know you'll want to continue to see them.

NaamloosCaroline van Leenders
Dutch public council

 I know Douwe Jan as an inspiring, conscientious professional. Knowledgeable, very involved in sustainability, and circle economy. 
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He also knows a lot about strategic sustainable ecological innovations, area adevelopment and C2C. Creative at innovative concepts, he’s a fine, responsible and reliable person to work with.