36629417_sCircular economy

Circular economy is a different mode of action in the Economic Domain: new contracts and thus new responsibilities for Producers and Consumers. Typically, the manufacturers work from a product-service offering and the consumer become users who pay per performance. ICE does analysis of opportunities for businesses and governments, these opportunities will be converted into a roadmap focusing on realization. ICE sees three basic principles for circular economy:

  1. circular economy is first of all about a systems approach/innovation in economic transactions;
  2. Circular economy is about products, services and business models;
  3. circular economy is systems thinking based on systems ecology, the ecology of things (EoT) or ‘ecomimicry’;

Jos van der Schot, Innovationpartners, says: "Douwe Jan Joustra knows where the world is developing to and wants to contribute to this direction. He does this by elaborating good ideas together with others."

The three i-approach

ICE Amsterdam uses the three i-approach:

  • Information
  • Implemention
  • Innovation

Based on a strong emphasis on information about the ins- and outs of the circular economy, clients find inspiration to start their work in circular economy. Based on this information and inspiration, the first steps towards implementation are being facilitated. This leads to the need to identify the real innovations within the work of governments, companies and other organizations.

Identification and strategy

Identifying innovations on technical, process and systems level is a core competency of ICE Amsterdam. ICE works with a systems approach. Key is to identify the leverages that will support and create change. The next step is of course the design of an appropriate strategy towards implementation of circular economy in business and public organizations.

Richard van Bremen, senior policy-advisor, Province Zeeland, says about Douwe Jan Joustra:

"He has a lot of experience and kwowledge on transitions towards a circular economy; He knows how politics works and has the abilities to make groups enthousiastic about these subjects. He's a perfect 'start-up' for inspiring people. Het network, on a national, European and even world wide scale, makes him suitable for inspiring and connecting people. With his long term view, his social capabilities, and his knowledge on this subject he is a perfect 'circular advisor'."