38330630_sI offer the following services

  • I see (ICE) trends: Joustra identifies trending topics in circular economy and sustainability, he translates these to businesses and governments. Twice a year he publishes a Trendanalysis.
  • Speaker: As a national and international speaker, Joustra inspires his audiences (in interaction) with vision and practical inspiration on circular economy and societal changes. His perspective is: "talk, think, rethink and start the walking".
  • Consultant & system analysis: Circular economy is a systems innovation which requires a thorough analysis of the existing situation. Douwe Jan Joustra is a systems thinker. His bias is systems-ecology, a way of looking and working with a focus on mechanisms, patterns and relations that matter.
  • Facilitation of learning by doing: implementation of new economy in companies and governments (local-global) is part of a proces of learning by doing. Joustra facilitates these processes, he is a professional coach for the change-agents and he is senior-expert in circular consultancy.
  • Program management: Working in complex situations, realization of systems innovation or transitions is the core competence of Douwe Jan Joustra. He managed programs for Dutch government on Education for Sustainable Development, Sustainable Urban Renewal, the Dutch ‘Enhancement team’ Cradle to Cradle, the Innovation program Climate Neutral Cities, the Dutch Accelerator Circular Economy and recently Joustra was Head of Circular Transformation for C&A Foundation.


Working for governments and business

ICE Amsterdam creates analysis for governments in Policy and Implementation with attention for appropriate (Policy) tools. Businesses is, by means of a quick scan, offered the basis for a detailed plan for implementation, a roadmap.

  • Companies use the quick-scan of ICE/ARC to analyse their potential business cases and follow a thorough strategy for implementation of circular economy based on their own Roadmap that follows our consultancy;
  • Public Organizations create new product-services based on our analysis of the organization;
  • Governments (local/regional/national) empower the development of Circular Economy and businesses through new policy instruments as well in their own work such as public procurement, based on an analysis by ICE-Amsterdam.
  • Industrial sector (Fashion) approach has been created by Joustra. With a strong focus on identification of interventions that facilitate the development of Circular Fashion on a Global level. C&A Foundation became a strong thought leader under his guidance.