Ten Commandments for the Circular Economy


Circular Economy is growing fast in individual companies but also on regional, national and global level. Though we see a transformation from ‘preacher to salesman’ in the world of sustainable development, we need to see the essentials over and over again. In my blogposts I try to give insights in the developments that can be helpful for initiators in business and governments. Use these ten commandments as they should be used: feedstock for your personal growth and development. Dare to take them as a starting point for further development and thinking in new perspectives. Circular Economy is not just the actual economy with some basic feedback, it is a new way of organizing your business and policies. And we are still learning!


  1. Thou shall give the consumer services based on more than one solution: diversity is key


  1. Thou shall create services that lower the costs of access


  1. Thou shall share knowledge and invest in education


  1. Thou shall deliver the best or even better functionalities


  1. Thou shall increase and simplify transparency in chain(s)


  1. Thou shall design for disassembly and services


  1. Thou shall co-create the ‘Ecology of Things’


  1. Thou shall see circular economy as the new normal


  1. Thou shall work on sharing assets based on the idea ‘less is more’


  1. Thou shall apply abundancy as an economic and ecologic principle



Douwe Jan Joustra

April, 2017