djj halfCircular economy is the new economy based on natural and (new) intellectual principles. This new economic model helps on a systems level to facilitate change.

Our focus

ICE focusses on the essential change towards ‘performance based contracting’ (in variety) in which there is no ownership for the user of a product, the producer keeps ownership and the end user pays a fee for its performance. This includes a focus on services.

This is fundamental in the new economic arrangements of the circular economy. It implies better possibilities for producers to have control over their resources; it will bring focus on maintenance, reuse, refurbishment, remanufacturing and mining (including Urban Mining) for existing minerals in their own products.

In a circular economy there is no direct discussion on ‘efficiency’ because this distracts from the real ambition of an effective systems change. Resources are kept in the loop and that makes ‘waste is food’ into reality.


I see three strong trends in the way we should look at our development towards a circular economy with a hughe impact on the quality of live:

  1. From Margin to Mainstream: circular economy has an impact on the whole world of business making as well in companies as in the public domain. It is not something for specialists but needs attention in the boardroom, the staff-departements and the technicians in design and production. It takes some courage to implement circular economy, but to start the first steps is easy, just call me!
  2. Energetic Society: the participation of consumers or civilians in policies and economy is changing. People see chances and start their own cooperatives on Energy, Food, Care, Mobility and product-sharing. This needs a ‘caring’ respons of governments and it is strongly beneficial fort he development of Circular Economy;
  3. Steering on conditions: the new economy needs a new basic governance. In my opinion this should be based on systemthinking: find the leverages for change through the creation of good growing conditions that result in empowerment of the new economy.